Miami County Recycles

Zero Waste Work Environment

Miami County Solid Waste District is committed to helping you achieve a ZERO WASTE work environment.

It only takes one person to make a change, and that person could be you. If you don't ask, you get nowhere! Take a few minutes this week to speak to your supervisor about the benefits of recycling at work. Waste haulers may charge less to transport recyclables than regular waste, helping to trim your business' hauling expense.

Today, more than ever, customers are appreciative of great products with low environmental impact. In addition, recycling is good PR! Miami County is the proud home of several companies with low-waste or zero-waste business models.

There are many ways you can recycle at your place of business. You can start by contacting your waste hauler to inquire about getting a recycling pickup on-site. If you need help implementing the program, call us for advice!

Posted in the Other category on Nov 01, 2021 By: Miami County Recycles